Caribbean Signature Canapés

Tiny bites of the Caribbean


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Tiny bites of the Caribbean in these little gems which will transport you to an island of warmth and delightful spices, that will bring a smile to your face.

From tiny Filo pastry filled with traditional foods like Ackee and Saltfish, tiny ceramic pots filled with Stew Beef Cottage Pie to Tiny Chocolate Rum Brownies.

Simply give our customer service team a call to discuss how we can bring a tropical feel to your event.

Parcel Delights

Delicious ingredients wrapped in Filo pastry 

£2.10 each - Minimum order 10 of each

Ackee & Salt Fish – Seasoned slightly salted flakes of Cod, gently folded through an ackee fruit with tomatoes and onion (Fish, Wheat)

Jerk Chicken & Callaloo – Charcoal Grilled Chicken seasoned with a Homemade Jerk recipe. pieces of the tender Jerk Chicken then mixed with Callaloo (Celery Salt, Wheat, Eggs)

Callaloo & Sweet Potato – Lightly seasoned Callaloo mixed with Sweet Potato, also suitable for vegan (Celery Salt, Wheat, Eggs) 

Curry Mutton – Traditional Jamaican Curry Mutton in these tiny little bite’s parcels (Celery Salt, Wheat, Eggs)

Curry Mix – Vegetable Mix & Blend and encased in filo pastry (Celery Salt, Wheat, Eggs)

Pots of Joy

Tiny ceramic pots filled with goodness

£2.10 each - Minimum order 8 of each 

• Curry Mutton Rice & peas 

• Stew Beef Cottage Pie (Milk, Celery Salt)

• Salt Fish Cabbage and Mini Fried Dumpling (Fish, Wheat)

• Curried Prawns & Sweet Potato (Crustacean)

Mothers Choice Quiche

Mini Quiche filled with 

£2.10 each - Minimum order 8 of each

• Ackee & Salt Fish with Spinach (Fish, Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Gluten)

• Curry Prawn & Coconut (Crustacean, Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Gluten)

• Callaloo & Mix Sweet Potato (Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Gluten)

• Jerk Chicken & Mixed Peppers (Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Gluten)

Fathers Pride Vol au Vent

 Multi Shaped Puff Pastry

£2.10 each - minimum order of 10 of each

• Ital Mix – Seasoned Sweet Pumpkin (Wheat, Egg, Milk)

• Health & Strength – Flakes of Snapper mixed with 

Onion and juicy tomatoes (Celery salt, Wheat, Egg, Milk)

Herbs & Spice – Vegetable mixed with fresh herbs and freshly grounded spices (Sesame Seed, Wheat, Egg, Milk)

Irie - Plantain & Callaloo Fried Dumpling (Wheat, Celery Salt)

Granny & Nanny Kitchen

£2.00 each - minimum order of 10 of each

• Fried Chicken Bites (Wheat)

• Mac Balls (Milk, Wheat)

• Fried Dumpling – Filled with a choice of Ackee & Salt 

Fish, Curry Mutton, Callaloo (Wheat, Fish, Celery Salt)

• Curry Prawn & Mango on Crostini Bites (Crustacean, Wheat)

• Patty - Beef, Chicken or Veg (Wheat, Eggs)

• Festival Bites – (Wheat)

Caribbean Dessert Delights 

£2.10 each - minimum order of 10 of each

• Jack & Passion Fruit Cream Horns (Wheat, Milk)

• Nanny’s Rum Cake Bites (Eggs, Wheat, Rum

• Chocolate Rum Brownies (Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Soya, Milk)

• Coconut Drops (Milk)

• Coconut Slice Squares (Milk)

• Mango Cheesecake (Milk, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Eggs)