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Terms &Condition

Mix & Blend Catering homemade food catering service commitment

1. Minimum spend per order £30.00.

2. All orders under £150 to be paid in full.

3. 50% deposit on all orders over £150.

4. Mix & Blend offer a 10% discount off your 1st order.

5. 1st order discount applies to orders over £150.

6. Weekend Catering orders must be placed on the Thursday before the weekend and before 5pm. Sunday catering orders are subjected to a £450 minimum order and will incur an additional £80 wages charge. 

7. For all orders over £300 must be paid by BACS payment.

8. Delivery charges will depend on postal code location. Postal code locations in the London Congestion Zone will incur congestion zone charges added to the balance.

9. Each platter serve 5 people and consist of 6 quarter's per person.  

10. Clients will be sent an invoice and payment link to make payment for their order.

11. Once full or 50% deposit has been received, we will send a receipt via email to confirm your order is in progress. If you are paying a 50% deposit, you will receive an email receipt for the 50% payment and confirmation your order is in progress. You will also receive an invoice via email, with instruction of final 50% payment to be paid on delivery of your order.

12. To pay the final balance upon delivery, you will either make payment via, online bank transfer, contactless payment via our delivery staff. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques or cash payments.

13. If for any reason you are unhappy with the whole or part of the delivery order due to any damage during transportation, please inform our delivery staff and if it cannot be corrected on the spot, we will refund you part or all the order value, minus 20% administration fee.

14. Due to 24hrs minimum order notice, any cancellations within the 24hr period will be subjected to a cancellation fee of 50% of the order balance.  Orders cancelled by 9am on the morning of the order dispatch date, will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

15. Cancellation should be communicated via telephone.

16. All orders will be delivered at least 1-2hr before your event or meeting unless you request a delivery time.

17. Mix & Blend Catering source ingredients and products from third party providers to create our platters and food products that we sell. Mix & Blend Catering will source ingredients and products from Farmers Markets, Supermarkets and Fine Food Wholesalers. 

18. Mix & Blend Catering menu is also based on seasonal fruit and vegetables.

19. If for any reason we are unable to obtain a particular ingredient or product we will contact, you with an alternative option.

20. If you or your guest have an allergy, it is your responsibility to inform us upon placing your order.  Our customer service team will be happy to suggest an alternatives.  We will label all our food platters informing you if there is a possibility of nut, but cannot guarantee some of our products may have a nut trace.

21. Mix & Blend Catering have a daily supply of fresh bread products.  The bakery is unable to guarantee there is no seeds, nuts or nut trace in the bread products we purchase.

22. Mix & Blend Catering a lot of our menu meals ourselves, but do sometimes have to source some of it's products from third party providers.  We check all labelling and product's for allergy, nutrition and quality content, so we can inform you.  We are not liable for any ingredients in the products which the third party have not listed on their food packaging product.

23. Mix & Blend can offer a catering equipment service for your event consisting of serving crockery and cutlery  i.e. serving platters, side and dinner plates, knives, folks and  spoons.  

24. All catering equipment is on loan from a third party catering equipment company.  The client will be held responsible for any breakages, damage or lost items.

25. The cost for any broken, damaged or lost items, will be subjected to the full cost to replace that particular item by the third party catering equipment company.  This will also incur a 15% charge on top of the replaced item cost, for our administration.  

26. All loan catering equipment must be cleaned and placed in its original packaging in which it was delivered to you.  This will be collected on the following day of your hire duration before 1pm.

27. Weekly Food Prep Meal consist of 7 separate main meals.  Monthly Food Prep Meal consist of 30 separate main meals.

28. All Food Prep Meal box will be delivered by via APC Courier Service.

29. Delivery charges will apply to all Food Prep Meal packages.

30. Please note that our Food Prep Meal's are NOT mass produced or manufactured and can be tailored made to your requirements if you suffer from an allergy. 

31. Upon purchasing Mix & Blend Catering Food Prep Meal and receipt of payment, we email you a confirmation and to arrange a convenient time to schedule your 15 minute Food Prep Meal consultation.  This is to gather information on whether you have any allergies or health conditions, which could be affected by eating a particular food group.  We will also discuss your fitness aim and your goal. 

32. Our customer service team will ask if you would like to 'Opt in' for our rolling subscription, which will continue to debit your bank account for the agreed Food Prep Meal package.  

33. If you would like to 'Opt in' for the rolling subscription for your agreed Food Prep Meal package, we will need your consent, which you will need to complete our Direct Debit Bank Details Form, which a customer service advisor would be happy to send to you. 

34. In line with the GDPR 2018 Mix & Blend will require your consent to store your following details:

• Full Name

• Delivery Address and Postal Code

• Email Address

• Telephone

35. Mix & Blend Ltd will ONLY store your information with your consent and to inform you of the following:

• To place your order

• Updates/New Menu options

• Marketing Promotional Offers and Discounts

• Dates of Food & Drink Events we may attend/participating

36. If you have any complaints or feedback, please email us: [email protected]