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Caribbean Specialist Foods

We will deliver to your door those special ingredients, which do not come with your standard supermarket online delivery shopping.

From Dunn's River Ackee, Sea Isle Saltfish, Green Plantain, Raja Seasonings, Excelsior Water Crackers and so much more.

Simply select your order, place your order,  we will send you a payment link to complete your order and get your order out to you.


Fresh Fruit & Veg 

For our list of fresh fruit, veg, salad and below

Caribbean Food Ingredients

Tinned Food                                                                            Pack Food

Sea Isle Ackee (540g)                                                                £4.50            Kidney Beans (500g)                                                                 £2.00     

Dunn's River Callaloo (540g)                                                   £3.00           Black Eye Peas (500g)                                                               £2.00

Grace Mackerel (450g)                                                              £3.00           Gungo Peas (500g)                                                                     £2.00 

Prince Corn Beef (340g)                                                            £3.00           Dunn's River Cornmeal course (500g)                                  £1.50

Glenryck Pilchards in Tomato sauce (340g)                         £3.00           Dunn's River Cornmeal Fine(500g)                                       £1.50

Brunswick Sardines Hot pepper (106g)                                 £1.50           Cawood Saltfish Cod (250g)                                                    £3.00

Dunn's River Coconut Milk (400ml)                                       £1.50           Dunn's River Coconut Cream (100g)                                     £1.50

                                                                                                  Sunrite Bammy x 2 (397g)                                                       £3.00

Bottle & Jars                                                                                               Grace Chicken Soup Mix (50g)                                                £1.50

Dunn's River Jerk Seasoning (312g)                                      £3.50            Grace Cock Soup Mix (50g)                                                      £1.50

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (454ml)                                     £2.50            Grace Pumpkin Soup Mix (50g)                                              £1.50 

Encona Hot Pepper Sauce (142ml)                                         £1.50            Grace Mannish Water Soup Mix (50g)                                  £1.50

Grace Browning (182g)                                                             £3.50           Grace Fish Tea Soup Mix (50g)                                                £1.50

                                                                                                                           KTC Pure Coconut Cream (200g)                                             £1.00

Dried Herbs & Spices                                                              Drinks

Dunn's River Jerk Seasoning (100g)                                       £1.50           Fieldway Constitutional Bitters (750ml)                              £3.50

Dunn's River Fish Seasoning (100g)                                       £1.50           Dunn's River Nurishment Strawberry (400g)                     £1.80

Dunn's River Chicken Seasoning (100g)                                £1.50           Dunn's River Nurishment Vanilla (400g)                            £1.80

Dunn's River All Purpose Seasoning (100g)                          £1.50           Dunn's River Nurishment Vanilla (400g)                            £1.80

Dunn's River Pimento whole (70g)                                         £2.00           Dunn's River Nurishment Chocolate (400g)                       £1.80


Bread & Crackers                                                                    

Excelsior Water Crackers (220g)                                              £2.00           

Hard Dough Bread (Large)                                                        £3.00

Round Fruit Bun (Large)                                                            £3.50


Can't Find What Your Looking For

Is there something you need and not been able to get hold off....Let Us know and we will try and source it for you

Please be advised

 Fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs are the only items eligible for the £7 per bag offer.

Please be advise we will try to get your requested selection, but this depends on availability. An alternative will be sourced as a replacement for you.

Minimum order spend of £25 to claim your 10% discount off your 1st orders 

Our drivers Do Not carry cash and all payments should be paid via email payment link or contactless 

 If you have been quarantined, please let us know when you place your order, so we can accommodate when delivering your order

 Delivery charges £4.  Free Delivery on orders over £50.  Deliveries to areas outside of the delivery day start from £5 - £15 depending on the post code.

£10 Minimum order including delivery charge 

 Deliveries take place Monday - Saturday.  

All orders must be accepted and payment received by 6pm, the day before your area delivery day. 

For Monday deliveries orders must be accepted and confirmed by 6pm Saturday, as we are closed on Sunday.

If there is a problem with the condition of the contents, please take a photo and email us at and we will either offer a replacement which will be added to your next order or a full/part refund depending on the damaged item.

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