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Food Platter Order & Party Platters

Food Platter Order & Party Platters - Whether you need food platters for a meeting, special event or party, we have the platter for you. You can simply Mix & Blend the platters to create the right menu for you and your guest. Placing an order could not be simpler, select the food platters you would like for your meeting, party or special event and then call, email or complete a contact form online…. That’s it. We will be in touch to confirm your order and send you an email link to make payment….Done!.

We like to keep things simple here at Mix & Blend Catering and we are sure you appreciate a simpler way of placing an order.

Here at Mix & Blend Catering we offer a food catering service of quality food at competitive prices to several businesses in London. Mix & Blend have been producing delicious foods since 2014, from creating combination flavoured olive oils to providing food for weddings and corporate events. Our team take pride in creating unique menu’s and sourcing quality ingredients to bring our menu’s to life.

Mix & Blend Catering are very proud to present our new line ‘Caribbean Signature Canapés’.

Tiny bites of the Caribbean in these little gems which will transport you to an island of warmth and delightful spices, that will bring a smile to your face. Why don’t you try:

• Parcel Delights - Tiny Filo pastry filled with traditional foods like Ackee and Saltfish,

• Pots of Joy - Tiny ceramic pots filled with Stew Beef Cottage Pie

• Father’s Ital Choice - Vol au Vents filled with Pumpkin & Callaloo Mix

Simply give our customer service team a call, email or fill in a contact form online and we will be happy to get in touch and discuss how we can bring a tropical feel to your event.

Dips & Olive Oil

Allergy Advice: Please see ingredients in 'BOLD'

Coleslaw £2.00 (Milk)

Plain Humus £2.00 (Sesame Seed)

Roasted Red Pepper Humus £2.50 (Sesame Seed)

Beetroot Humus £2.50 (Sesame Seed)

Guacamole £2.50 (Sesame Seed)

Thousand Island Sauce £2.00

Mayonnaise £2.00 (Eggs)

Sour Cream & Chives £2.00 (Milk)

Salsa £2.00

Plain Olive Oil 50ml £1.50

Chilli & Sicilian Lemon 50ml £1.50

Coriander & Red Onion 50ml £1.50

Sage & Red Onion 50ml £1.50

Chilli & Mint 50ml £1.50

Sicilian Lemon 50ml £1.50

Finger Delight Buffet Style Food - £1.50ea

Canapés - £2.00ea

Mini Dessert - £2.00ea

Caribbean Signature Canapés - £2.00ea

For Finger Delights, Canapés and Mini Dessert Menu please click the below link

Canapés & Special Events Menu

For Tropical Canapés please see our Caribbean Signature Canapés by clicking the below link

Caribbean Signature Canapés Menu