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Mix & Blend Catering Services - Brixton

Mix & Blend Catering Services have been creating fantastic tasting food to wow your guest and set the bar for how food should look and taste at an event.  We cater to the Brixton, Balham, Greenwich, Clapham, Dulwich, Twickenham, Wimbledon and many more areas in London

Free Taster Session


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For a free taster session and consultation on how we can save you money on your next catering job, simply complete this contact form.

Terms & Conditions

1. Minimum spend per order £60.00

2. Mix & Blend offer a 10% discount off your 1st order.

3. 1st order discount applies to orders over £150.

4. Delivery charges will be applied to orders under £100. Delivery charges will depend on postal code location. Postal code locations in the London Congestion Zone will occur congestion zone charges added to the balance. (Please click icon above to read full T&C)


Here at Mix & Blend Catering we believe in taking responsibility for our food packaging, so we’ve made sure our packaging is recyclable and our ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Our food is not manufactured or mass-produced , free from additives and free from preservatives. Using Quality fresh ingredients.

HACCP Regulated

We are regulated and perform to the strict guidelines set out by the HACCP regulations for the implementation and management of food safety. Qualified in Food Allergies and Nutrition.


Our Menu

Our menu is packed with quality fresh ingredients, which we source from local Farmers Markets, Farmers and other quality food producers.  

Building great links with local producers and small businesses.


 (Serves 5 people)

Set Menu 1

Sandwich Selection


Set Menu 2

Sandwich Selection, Fruit and Drink


Set Menu 3

Sandwich Selection, Fruit, Drink, Snack or  Pastries


Christmas Platters

        (Serves 5 people)

Set Menu 1

Cold Canapes 


Set Menu 2

Cold Canape, Hot Canapes and Dessert Canapes


Set Menu 3

Cold Canapes, Hot Canapes, Dessert Canapes and Drinks


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