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Home Made Food at Your DESK

Special Offer


Me​al Deal

Our Reps will be visiting your office on 

Mon - Tues and Thurs - Fri 

8.00 - 9.30am and 12.00 - 2.30pm

If you would like to Pre Order you lunch simply….Send us a text 07494636329 or email with 

your Full name, Work Address, Telephone Number by 10am for same day lunch delivery. 

Pay with cash or contactless payment upon delivery

Term & Condition: £5 Lunch Deal includes sandwich, drink, fruit or crisp


Delivery Area

Mon -Thurs

Stockwell & Kennington 

10 - 12pm


Nine Elms & Embankment

10 - 12pm

Daily Office Breakfast / Lunch Delivery

Chicken & Salad Wrap

Fried chicken and mixed salad wrapped in a soft wrap

Roast Beef Salad Sandwich

Roast beef salad with red onion in a fresh made baguette

Hot Meals

Choose from a variety of different hot meals

Pastry Selection

A variety of different pastries to choice from

If you would like us to pop down at breakfast or lunch time to provide a variety of breakfast and lunch, or if you would like a daily, weekly or monthly fruit supply delivered to your office,

simply send us an email and we will get in touch to dicuss further. 

Check out our food platters which are great for office meetings and events

£5 Meal Deal Menu

Freshly made Sandwich or Salad or Soup Pot 

Includes Drink and a Fruit or Pastry

For Food Allergy please see ingredients in bold 

 V= Vegetarian Vg=Vegan 


All Sandwiches include butter, unless stated not to upon placing your order.

Falafel & Roasted Red Pepper Humus (Vg, Wheat)

Matured Cheddar Cheese & Plum Ploughman Chutney (V, Milk, Barley, Sulphites)

Jerk Chicken Salad (Spicy)

Click link below for more Deep Sandwich Fillings suggestion

Salad Box

All Salads include Mixed Salad Leaf, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Chickpeas, Flavoured Olive Oil Sicilian Lemon or Coriander & Red Onion.

Tuna Salad (Fish)


Jerk Chicken (Spicy)

Chargrilled Chicken

Falafel (Wheat)

Matured Cheddar Cheese (Milk)

Soup Pots

All soup pots include a mini baguette roll.

Butternut Squash & Carrot (V/Vg)

Wild Mushroom & Chilli (Milk)

Tomato & Basil (Milk)

Jamaican Chicken Soup (Spicy pre - order)

Pastries, Fruits & Drinks

Apple Cinnamon (Milk, Wheat)

Apricot Diamond (Milk, Wheat)

Woodland Fruit Crown (Milk, Wheat)

Chocolate Swirl (Milk, Wheat)


Apple, Orange or Banana


Orange or Apple Juice or Still Water

With Summer over it's time to roll out the comfort food

Pre order your lunch by 12pm for next day lunch delivery

Hot Meal - £6.50

Vegan Cumberland Sausages with Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash

A delicious flavoursome vegan sausages with a chunky plum tomato sauce drizzled over smooth sweet potato and carrot mash (Celery Powder, Sulphites)

Salmon & Pesto Farfalle Pasta

Scottish Salmon, Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes mixed with Farfalle Pasta 

(Fish, Cashew Nuts, Sesame Seed, Milk, Wheat)

Beef Lasagne & Salad or Veg

Hearty Beef Lasagne which comes with either salad or veg mix of carrots and runner beans  (Eggs, Milk, Wheat)

Chicken Pie, Creamy Mash & Veg 

Comfort food Pie & Mash with gravy and veg mix carrots and sweet garden peas (Barley, Eggs, Milk, Wheat)

Jamaican Hot Food - £6.50

Jerk Chicken 

 Hardough Bread, Coleslaw & Salad 

Authentic Jerk Chicken slow cooked on a chargrill for the original Jamaican taste. Served with fresh Hardough bread, salad and coleslaw or you could have white rice salad and coleslaw (Spicy, Nutmeg, Wheat, Eggs, Mustard Powder)

Stew Beef  & Hard Food

Slow cooked tender beef is served with hard food, Boiled Green banana, Dumpling, Potato, Plantain and cabbage. (V, Spicy, Celery powder, Wheat)

Fish & Rice

Coley fish aka slice fish with onions, garlic, tomatoes, thyme and mixed peppers and is served with white rice.  (V, Spicy, Celery powder)

Food Platters

For Large Group Orders Check out our Food Platters

Canapés & Finger Buffet Delights

For something a little special for an event or private party, click the button below.

Food Allergen Awareness

When placing your order, Please state in your text or email, whether you have any dietary requirements. 

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