£7.00 per bag

Are you struggling to find Fresh Fruit & Veg or groceries in the South London Area? 

we can help

We will deliver to your doorstep fresh fruit, vegetables and salads along with your groceries to help you stay in and stay safe. Plus helping you to boost your immune system and sustain a healthy balanced diet. 

Also, for every 5 bags of fruit & veg sold, we will donate a bag of food to a local Food Bank. 

Simply place your order and we will send you a payment link or you can pay by Contactless Payment upon delivery the very next day.

Delivery Post Codes

Fruit, Vegetable, Salad & Herbs

To order simply select 3 items per bag from the list below or 

we can put something together for you. 

Please be advise we will try to get your requested selection, but this depends on availability. An alternative will be sourced as a replacement for you. 

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Product Items

Fresh Fruit & Veg


Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Red Grapes, Kiwi, Strawberries, Blueberries, Lemons, Limes, Pineapple, Watermelon, Honeydew Melon, Mango, Pears, White Grapes, Peaches


Potatoes, Courgettes, Carrots, White Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onion, Chilli, Sweet Peppers, Leeks, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Spinach, Garlic, Ginger, Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Parsnips, Spring Onions, Plantain, Green Banana, Pumpkin

Salad & Herbs

Mixed Leaves, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Avocado, Radishes, Beetroot, Celery, Coriander, Basil, Thyme, Parsley

Fruit & Veg Quantities 

Dairy & Breads

Bread (800g)                                          £1.75


Whole Meal

Multi Seeded

Eggs - Free Range 

X 6                                                                         £2.00

X 12                                                                       £4.00

Fresh Milk (4pints)                 £1.75


Semi Skimmed


Long Life (1ltr)                                    £1.50

Fridge Stock

Butter (250g)                                                 £2.00

Cheese Mild or Mature (250g)                  £2.50

Yoghurt (Plain or Fruit - 450g)                  £2.00


Cardborad Stock

Baked Beans (400g)                                 70p

Sweetcorn (165g)                                     60p   

Gravy  (170g)                                        £1.50 

Flour (plain or s/raising)                   £1.50

Olive Oil (500ml)                                  £3.50

Sea Salt (225g)                                      £2.00

Pepper (45g)                                         £1.00

Mayo (480g)                                          £2.00

Tomato Ketchup (250g)                      £2.00

Mustard (170g)                                     £1.50

Tuna (160g)                                           £1.25

Pasta Sauce (470g)                             £1.50

Pasta (Penne or Fusilli) 500g              £2.00

Spaghetti (dried - 500g)                       £1.50

Tea Bags (250g)                                     £3.00

Coffee (200g)                                          £4.50

Herbal Tea 

(Peppermint or Ginger - 126g)           £2.50

Sugar (1kg)                                             £1.50

Honey (340g)                                         £3.00

Pastries                                                   £1.00

 (croissant, Pain Au Chocolate, 

Almond Plait - Large)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (230g)           £1.50

Breakfast & Healthy Sncaks

Breakfast Cereals & Healthy Snack

Corn Flakes (500g)                                          £3.00

Weetabix (500g)                                              £3.00

Granola (500g)                                                 £3.00 

Bran Flakes (500g)                                          £3.00

Muesli Bars (25g)                                                 90p

Meat & Poultry

Chicken - Free Range

Chicken Breast (5pk)                                 £5.95

Whole Chicken (medium)                         £6.95

Drumsticks (8pk)                                        £3.50

Chicken Thighs (1kg)                                 £4.00


Minced Beef (250g)                                     £3.00

Rump Steak (1pk - 225g)                            £4.00

Beef Burger (4pk - 425g)                            £3.00


Bacon (250g)                                                 £2.00

Sausages (Cumberland -454g)                    £3.50

Ham (115g)                                                     £2.00

Parma Ham (70g)                                          £2.50

Fish & Shellfish

Fish & shellfish

Salmon (240g)                                       £4.00

Smoked Salmon (100g)                        £4.00

Smoked Haddock (240g)                      £4.00

Sea Bass (180g)                                      £4.00

Cod (250g)                                              £4.00

Prawns (150g)                                        £3.50



Soap Bar (2pk)                                          £2.50

Shower Gel (ladies or men-250ml)      £2.50

Roll on deodorant (50ml)                       £2.00

Deodorant Spray (250ml)                       £2.00

Toothpaste (75ml)                                   £2.00

Mouthwash (250ml)                                £2.50

Sanitary towels                                        £2.00

(Always or Bodyform - 10pk)                            

Tampax (18pk)                                         £2.50

Cotton Wool Pads (100pk)                     £1.50

Hand sanitiser (50ml)                             £2.00

Toilet paper (9pk)                                 £3.50

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Stuff

Washing up liquid (430ml)                     £1.50

Bleach (750ml)                                          £1.50

Multi purpose cleaning spray                £2.00


Cleaning Wipes (40pk)                             £1.50

Dishcloth (4pk)                                          £1.50

Cleaning sponges (6pk - Non scratch)  £1.50


Drinks & Juice

Orange Juice (1ltr)                                   £1.50

Apple Juice (1ltr)                                      £1.50

Pineapple Juice (1ltr)                              £1.50

Water (Still 12x500ml 40p each)            £4.80

Water (Still - 5ltr )                                    £2.50

Water                                                                 £6.00

(Sparkling 12x500ml 50p each)

Fruit Water                                                       £8.40

(Still- 12x500ml 70p each Pineapple & Passion fruit or Lemon & Lime)

Fruit Water                                                        £1.50

(Still- 1.5ltr Summer Fruits or Lemon & Lime)



Milk & Bread Offer

Get your Free Milk and Bread when you buy 4 bags of Fruit & Veg

It's The Little Things That Helps

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Please be advised

  •  Fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs are the only items eligible for the £7 per bag offer.
  • Please be advise we will try to get your requested selection, but this depends on availability. An alternative will be sourced as a replacement for you.
  • Minimum order spend of £60 to claim your 10% discount off your 1st orders 
  • Our drivers Do Not carry cash and all payments should be paid via email payment link or contactless 

  •  If you have been quarantined, please let us know when you place your order, so we can be prepared when delivering your order
  •  Delivery charges range from £3 - £10 depending upon post code. Deliveries to South London areas only.   
  • £10 Minimum order including delivery charge 

  •  Deliveries take place Monday - Saturday.  
  • For next day deliveries orders must be accepted and confirmed by 6pm, the day before your delivery.
  • For Monday deliveries orders must be accepted and confirmed by 6pm Saturday, has we are closed on Sunday.

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